Is counselling really for me?

If you are searching for answers and understanding, if you are trigged by events, people or situations, if you feel low or anxious a lot, if you feel overwhelmed and chaotic, counselling Is only a place where you can feel understood, validated and heard, its your time. (YES)

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is Tapping into the energy of the client and shifting and moving the physical feelings felt in your body, sometimes we can talk all we want about our lives and sometimes we need a little more oomph! Its a great way to release, connect mind, body and soul and incorporate the breathe. Energy healing helps guide you to the white light- the BEST place for healing to take place. It may sometimes feel a little ‘woo woo’, but hey, when we need healing, anything is worth a shot! Let this be an exercise in opening the mind to new possibilities and decide for yourself!

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice please as there is always someone in need who would love your spot. Of course, I am understanding!

Do you consult over Skype?

Yes! But only if you really can’t make face to face, live remotely, or internationally, being present in all senses is beautiful, however sometimes life gets in the way and a phone call is the best we can do!


$80 for 50 minutes one on one session

Meditations prices vary depending on place and extra incorporations i.e. special activities, guests or brunches!

Workshops depend on one or two days and resources and venue!