Emma’s Vision

Emma knows that we are all connected to one greater whole. At times we forget this, we forget that when we hurt someone, we ultimately hurt ourselves. We forget that our stories matter and that they can help others and instead blanket them in shame and secrecy. We forget that we are important and really can create the life of our dreams- its no fallacy or myth. Emma truly believes everything already exists in you and its about delving, discovering and pulling them out to make you lighter, brighter and freer than ever before. Human life can be messy, uncertain and filled with fear and avoidance. It is equally important to accept our shadow selves in order to grow, its all apart of the process and deserves acknowledgement and acceptance. Emma’s Vision is whole humans who are educated to know their emotions are not them, humans who take responsibility for themselves instead of blame, humans who are motivated, inspired, creative and care for others. Emma wants you to find YOU.

Emma’s Story

Emma was born and raised in Perth, WA. She believes she was born to guide others to themselves, strong in her conviction, she has fought for this every day since. Emma has been raised around loved ones suffering from personal entrapment, leading to secondary symptoms of depression and anxiety but she never attaches a label. Emma is a deeply feeling, sensitive, spiritual and intuitive individual. Emma has been counselling for 5 years and is currently finishing her registration as a psychologist. Although Emma sees the credibility a psychologist brings, she is personally uncomfortable focusing purely on clinical based interventions and is more holistic at heart. Emma will sometimes use energy healing, breathwork and soul guidance in her counselling with the permission of her self healer (you). Whilst this is Emma’s background and she holds a special place and respect for psychologists, please know these sessions are not under a psychologist.