One on one, in session

Healing is not about using the past to justify the present, its about working on the beliefs we have created as younger versions of ourselves and releasing old and outdated versions of who we are so we can be free in this life time. If you have this burning or niggling desire for FREEDOM, this is for YOU. If you’re on the path to self discovery, this is FOR YOU. I want you to step into your power, if you feel like you are settling or capable of more but unsure how or feel paralysed by fear- HAVE THE COURAGE TO SEE DIFFERENTLY, HAVE THE COURAGE TO BEGIN AGAIN.


Emma delivers workshops in a myriad of gorgeous soul-filled venues! She is warm, engaging and accepting. What she brings is raw and real. Emma is compassionate and vulnerable, helping others to open their hearts but she can also be direct when you need it. Emma’s space is built on the foundation of love and trust no matter who you are. Emma’s workshops involve topics of self discovery, self healing. social necessities, inner child healing, raising self worth and more, depending on the topic, she is happy to custom make a workshop that is tailored to your audience or client base.  Emma loves working in community spaces where people can get involved and support each other. It is important to be seen and heard for standing in your truth.Yes Please!


Emma delivers Meditations in Joondalup, Willagee, Fremantle and South Fremantle. Emma’s Meditations are based on releasing trauma and stored emotions, expanding the heart and soul, connecting to your body and breathe, acknowledging, accepting, and helping you to nourish yourself, feel lighter, safer, more empowered and gain clarity.Yes please!

Emma’s Space

Emma is a heart led therapist who recognises the difficulty in our humanness, encouraging others to explore themselves and the reason they were put on this earth. Emma’s drive for self-discovery is contagious, this is the single most important thing and the sole reason she believes we are here, to discover who we were prior to any conditioning.

 “I want for you to feel empowered, to feel confident, to be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, to unravel those suffocating beliefs that no longer serve you and identify patterns of self-sabotage that keep you stuck. I want to listen to you, truly listen to you and know that you are important and that YOU matter. If you are after something corporate or formal, this is not the place for you, I aim to get you out of head and into heart where we can centre and align with our true selves so we can have the best experience possible. This vulnerability Can feel uncomfortable, but apart of this process is trusting yourself and delving deeper. By contacting me, you are setting the intention that you are ready and open to release and grow”.

Is your soul calling?

Contact Emma to find out more information or book a lovely heart filled session. My soul is ready!